Procedures for Liturgy Coordinators


Before Mass

  • Arrive at least 15 to 20 minutes before Mass
  • Dress appropriately at all times, even on the days for which you are not scheduled (2012 Clothing Guidelines)
  • Bow when passing in front of Altar
  • Keep door between Church and Sacristy CLOSED
  • Check Bulletin Board and counter in Sacristy for Special Instructions (i.e.,which pews to reserve, etc.)
  • Introduce yourself to guest clergy and explain our procedures
  • Check that the key is in the Tabernacle lock
  • Pre-Mass light settings:  Switches with black marks
  • Check sign-in sheet to be certain all Eucharistic Ministers are present and if you are needed to distribute. Sign-in sheets in rolling file in Sacristy; after Mass, return sign-in sheet to rolling file/Sue Timko’s folder.
  • Ensure that there is a Lector for Mass; advise priest or deacon if no Lector available
  • Indicate any liturgical ministers who are “no shows” by marking sign-in sheet, including youth servers.
  • Check that you have at least one server
    • Attempt to get more if you can  (two OK; however, normal complement is three)
    • If no servers are available, advise the priest or deacon and then light candles
  • Check appropriate items are on the Credence Table
    • Chalice (with purificator, two corporals on top of pall when Precious Blood offered, one corporal when no Precious Blood;  pall  is square, white linen cover)
      •  For Father Jim-Gold Chalice with silver node & silver paten with large host
      •  For Father Gary-Silver Chalice with gold node & paten with large host
      •  For Father Norm-Gold Chalice with blue node & paten with large host
    • Cruet of water
    • Bowl, pitcher of water, towel for hand washing
    • Two People’s Cups with two purificators (for Mass with Precious Blood)
  • Check Tabernacle for # of Hosts & ciboria (1/2 full ciborium = approx. 125 Hosts); leave 1 cib. lid at Tabernacle
  • Fill Large Ciborium with enough unconsecrated hosts from plastic bag (contains 250 hosts) (avoid shaking crumbs from bottom of bag); try not to over-estimate (keep in mind the amount in Tabernacle)
  • Place empty ciboria on shelf behind credence table; there should always be a total of four ciboria for Mass, keeping in mind the ciborium in theTabernacle
  • Check that the Book of Gospels is in Sacristy
  • Turn sound system ON
  • Turn all Church Lights ON 10 minutes before Mass begins
  • Homebound EMs are to give you pyx no later than 5 minutes before Mass begins; place pyx at Tabernacle, slightly open with note indicating # of hosts needed if more than one
  • Place hosts covered with pall and wine on gift table
    • For Mass with Precious Blood-DECANTER with LID (Enough wine for 2 Cups plus Chalice)
    • For Mass without Precious Blood-CRUET with LID

Beginning/During Mass


                          Thurifer (incense-if applicable)

                          Cross Bearer

                          Candle Bearers (2)

                          Lector* (if no deacon, Lector to carry Book of Gospels and place on Altar)

                          Deacon-with Book of Gospels


After Mass

  • Keep Altar candles lit after 4PM Mass; extinguish after 5:30PM, 9AM & 11AM
  • Sacred Vessels
    • Ensure sacred vessels are returned to Sacristy including large ciborium used by priest (after 4PM, & 9AM,small ciboria remains on shelf)
    • Ministers are not to enter Sanctuary until after final verse of closing hymn
    • Use specific washing linens found in drawer beneath left end of sink.  Please DO NOT use hand towel on bar or any other towels, and do not use paper towels.
    • People’s Cups can be washed with soap and water (use soap sparingly) on left side of sink only.
  • Linens
    • Reuse the corporals; shake in Sacrarium (right side of sink) after Mass.  Use one set per weekend except for a spill.
    • Purificators used by Priest and EMs for Communion should be changed after every Mass; place used purificators in dirty laundry bin on bottom right side of large cabinet.
  • Assure that Lectionary, Book of Gospels and General Intercessions/Announcement sheet are returned to Sacristy and ready for next Mass
  • Return lights to Pre-Mass settings (light switches with black marks)
  • Turn sound system OFF
  • After 5:30PM and 11AM Masses:

                 - Check that both Sacristy and Safe Room doors are locked, not just closed

                 - Turn off coffee maker in St. Therese Room (after 11AM)

                 - Engage locks on doors near Prayer Garden entrance, holding bar down while engaging locks

                 - Turn off restroom lights

                 - Ensure two exit doors at church front, on opposite sides of Sanctuary, are closed and locked.

                 - Turn off sanctuary floor fan if used