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We are the people of Mary Queen of the Apostles Parish, in Brook Park, Ohio, dedicated to following the example of our Lord, Jesus Christ, through the Scriptures and Traditions of the Roman Catholic Church. We gather together to celebrate, to share, and to be nourished by the Eucharist. We promote religious education, spiritual growth and moral values by being faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ. To show our love for God and one another, we live our lives committed to the dignity and salvation of each person, and we live our faith through compassion and service to those in need.


Message will be updated November 1


FACE MASK The Bishop has just asked that all the faithful consider wearing a mask to church due to the new variant, even those who have been vaccinated. Although not a mandate it is strongly encouraged.


Masses and additional services:

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We have established a regular schedule for video Masses at MQA!!
We will broadcast the 4PM Saturday Vigil Mass, the 9AM Sunday Mass,
and 8AM Monday-Friday Masses.

We will livestream these Masses on our parish Facebook page. You can view the video and other information on this page without being a Facebook member which you can access directly from our parish website mqabrookpark.org or Facebook:

About an hour after Mass concludes, the video will be uploaded to Q-Tube (our parish's YouTube channel). which you can access directly from our parish website: mqabrookpark.org or at "Q-tube" as shown above.

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Weekday Masses (Monday-Friday) are at 8AM, Weekend Masses are at 4PM and 5:30PM  on Saturday evening, and Sunday morning at 9AM and 11AM.



Saturday 3:00-3:45PM and by appointment.


THANK YOU for your kindness and generosity in continuing to support the work of your parish through your mail offerings and electronic funds transfers. Everything you all are doing is most appreciated!  If you are interested in our on-line giving, contact our parish office at 216.433.1440 and speak with Trish (x21), Monday-Friday 9AM-1PM.   Please know that some of your checks may take up to two weeks to clear your bank since the collections are now being counted at two week intervals.

                                                                                                            Fr. Jim




The Catholic Diocese of Cleveland has provided two additional ways for parishioners to give to the parish during this difficult time. As you know we have two ways already. Besides your regular offertory envelopes, which many people are mailing to the parish office at this time, there are a number of people who regularly give to the parish through our online giving program, also known as the electronic funds transfer. The funds are transferred directly from your savings/checking account at your bank to the parish. Information and signup for that program can be seen in the bulletin, on our Website (just scroll down this page), or you can contact our parish office at 216.433.1440 x21 and speak with Trish.

The two additional ways are as follows:

First, the diocese has a new link that allows you to make an online donation with a credit card. Click here to donate today. This is a secure link, which is setup by the Catholic Community Foundation. All monies will be directed to our parish. To make your online donation select our parish name, Mary Queen of the Apostles in Brook Park, from the drop down menu. It is very simple to use. This option can be used on a one-time basis, weekly, monthly, or whatever you want. Your generosity is appreciated now, more than ever. Because of the new law passed by Congress, all charitable donations up to $300 for individuals and $600 for married couples are tax deductible when you file your taxes next year for 2020, even if you do not itemize. To choose this method of an on-line donation with a credit card, you can also go to the Giving tab above, on this Home Page.

Secondly, you may wish to leave the parish in your will. To learn more about how to create a permanent legacy of lasting support for the work of the parish and the Diocese of Cleveland, please contact Mary Lou Ozimek of the Catholic Community Foundation at 216.696.6525, x4070. Thank you!



Mondays – Miraculous Medal Novena 8:30AM

Tuesdays – Eucharistic Adoration 8:30AM-3PM; Divine Mercy Chaplet 3PM

Wednesdays – The Litany of St. Joseph 8:30AM (during Year of St. Joseph); The Rosary 12Noon

Thursdays – The Rosary 8:30AM



Office Hours

Monday-Friday 8:30AM-4PM
Summer Hours 9AM-1PM

Phone: (216) 433-1440
Fax: (216) 433-1434
Email: [email protected]


  • Sun, Oct 24th

  • Sun, Oct 17th

From the Pastor's Desk


OCTOBER IS RIGHT-TO-LIFE MONTH. As Catholic Christians, we should be pro-life in the fullest sense of the word. The truth of the Gospel must be presented and lived. The archbishop of Washington D.C., just a few weeks ago, clarified the Church’s teaching on when life begins, after the “Catholic” President said a week earlier that life does not begin at conception. This contradicted all of the President’s previous statements he had made when interviewed in the past and in past election debates. Cardinal Wilton Gregory said at the National Press Club luncheon in D.C., “The Catholic Church teaches, and has taught, that human life begins at conception. So the President is not demonstrating Catholic teaching.” Also, President Biden strongly reacted against the new stricter laws banning abortion in Texas in September as well. The current administration in Washington D.C. is now funding abortion at a level many times higher than that of President Obama. The COVID-19 relief package did a lot more than cover COVID. It also funneled a huge amount of money into abortion and abortion businesses including Planned Parenthood. Other executive actions by the President have done the same, making clear that he places no value on the inherent dignity of human life. Also, Health and Human Services reversed a 2019 decision that an ethics board must review all research applications for grants and contracts proposing the use of human fetal tissue from elective abortions. The need for ethical oversight was made obvious as organs for dismembered babies sometimes result in an overall “harvesting” price of $2,000 per child. But the present administration has deemed that this ethics review board is no longer necessary. Let us pray for our country, its leaders and our president. While people sometimes feel that this is just a political issue, we know it is more so a grave moral issue. Not to speak out about it as Catholic Christians would be a travesty. The late Bishop Fulton J. Sheen said: “The refusal to take sides on great moral issues is itself a decision. It is a silent acquiescence to evil. The tragedy of our time is that those who still believe in honesty lack fire and conviction, while those who believe in dishonesty are full of passionate conviction.” Pope Benedict XVI wrote: “Certainly, the high road to truth and goodness is not a comfortable one. It challenges man. Nevertheless, retreat into self, however comfortable, does not redeem. The self-withers away and becomes lost. But in ascending the heights of the good, man discovers more and more the beauty that lies in the arduousness of truth, which constitutes redemption for him.” A disregard for natural law and the 10 Commandments, to which we are all bound, has resulted in social calamity. During the upcoming month of October as we pray the Rosary, may we pray for peace in our nation and an end to hatred, prejudice, destruction, abortion, killing, confused gender propaganda, and division.

May I suggest that the homebound of our parish pray for these intentions during October for their Ministry of Praise and Mercy: For our government leaders; for police, firefighters, and first responders; for all healthcare workers.

Have a good week, Fr. Jim



FORMED.ORG Picks of the Week: WATCH “THE JEWELER’S SHOP: A MODERN MYSTERY BY POPE JOHN PAUL II” Based on Pope John Paul II’s best-selling book, this film tells of the struggles and triumphs in the marriages of three couples. A mysterious Jeweler (Burt Lancaster) acts as a mystical advisor to the couples, encouraging them to keep love at the center of their lives. Beautifully filmed with an outstanding cast that includes Olivia Hussey and Ben Cross, John Paul II called it, “The best possible film based on my play.”

LEARN “FORMED NOW: ST. LUKE AND THE EUCHARIST” Join Dr. Tim Gray and Dr. John Sehorn as they dive into the joy of the Eucharist found in the Gospel of St. Luke the Evangelist.

LISTEN “SAINT JOHN PAUL II THE GREAT” BY JASON EVERT Discover the five great loves of Pope Saint John Paul II as Jason Evert, renowned Catholic speaker and author, shared remarkable stories about this saint’s life from those who knew him, including bishops, students whom he taught, and Swiss Guards who interacted with him daily. Jason presents a wealth of insights about this holy man who promoted devotion to Divine Mercy and Marian consecration, helped defeat communism in Europe, wrote the Theology of the Body, and embraced young people like no other.



AM 1260 THE ROCK FOURTH ANNUAL DAY OF PRAYER AND FASTING FOR PRIESTS  Make it a point to pray, fast and offer sacrifices for our priests as we observe our Fourth Annual Day of Prayer and Fasting for Priests on Friday, October 29. Visit our website am1260therock.com for a list of churches and shrines that will be open to welcome you throughout the day, and tune in to pray with us on the air as we spiritually support those who serve "in persona Christi."


Online Giving

Mary Queen of the Apostle offers Online Giving, an additional option for giving to the church 

Online Giving is not meant to replace the traditional Sunday offertory collection; it is meant to enhance it. Many parishioners would rather have the option of giving without writing a check, or remembering to bring the check and envelope to church each week. It also gives you the opportunity to contribute even if you are out of town, etc. Please consider this option or continue to use the offertory envelopes you currently receive. If you do not get envelopes but wish to, or would like to sign up for Online Giving, contact our parish office at 216.433.1440 and speak with Trish (x21) or Debbie (x10).


Catholic Charities


Classes are held Monday evenings 7PM (Sept-May)

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McCafferty Hall

The hall is used for parish functions and events, such as parish dinners sponsored by the Queen's cooks, Night at the Races sponsored by the Holy Name Society, and a Spring Salad Luncheon sponsored by the Ladies Guild. McMcafferty Hall is not available or rented out for private functions.